For Women of Color

The Melanin Collective is creating a space for women of color to come together, reflect, and evaluate what makes us unique and powerful. You are worthy of your best effort and The Melanin Collective is here to support your personal and professional growth and development. We’ve carefully crafted special workshops and events that speak to the specific barriers you face everyday — walk away with a confident head on your shoulders and the knowledge and understanding that you have choices and the ability to create the life you crave!

Handcrafted Events for You


Breaking Bread Dinners: an engaging conversation

In these monthly dinners, we build out meaningful programs and invite thought leaders to have conversations with women of color on issues such as leveraging self-worth, navigating toxic spaces, and dealing with imposter syndrome in workplaces.


Request a Custom Workshop

Maybe you are looking something more specific? The Melanin Collective has a range of flagship workshops that can be catered for you. Request a custom workshop for you and your friends, coworkers, or family.


“I’d never been in a healing space that felt designed just for me.”

Workshop Participant

Available Workshops Centered on Women of Color