Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a transformational space for all women of color (WoC) to see their true self and value, to work as a collective for the common good, and to develop supportive, professional, and lasting relationships.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where women of color can thrive, not just survive. We accomplish this by providing educational resources and workshops on issues including self-development, financial management, overcoming workplace stresses, sexual and reproductive health, relationships and dating, and more that are uniquely tailored to the experiences of women of color. 

I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.
— Audre Lorde

The Founders

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Doris Quintanilla, Executive Director

Doris is on a mission to educate, empower, mentor, and effect change in the lives of women of color. Throughout her career, Doris has focused on expanding access to healthcare and higher education and on championing social justice and sexual and reproductive health for all. Her journey started in 2009 in Oakland, California, where she spearheaded community health education and youth leadership development with La Clínica de la Raza. In 2014, she moved to the Dominican Republic to work in youth education and leadership and returned to the United States to continue this work, focusing on building partnerships and recruiting student leaders. In 2016, she joined the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP) as a program manager and managed a portfolio of continuing education programs focusing on the intersection of sexual and reproductive health and chronic conditions.

After nine years of working in non-profit spaces, Doris decided to venture off on a new path: creating The Melanin Collective: Women of Color, Standing Together, a space for women of color to see their true self and value, to work as a collective for the common good, and to develop supportive, professional, and lasting relationships. This newest chapter in her life is focused on empowering and supporting women of color so they can thrive freely and live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. Doris grew up in Santa Ana, California, and went on to receive a bachelor’s in International Development with a focus on Latin America and the Middle East from UCLA in 2008.

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Kaitlyn Borysiewicz, Co-founder

Kaitlyn Ramirez Borysiewicz is the co-founder and former communications director at The Melanin Collective, where she oversaw the creation and management of The Melanin Collective's online community-building platforms. Currently, she serves in an advisory role on The Melanin Collective’ advisory committee. She currently works as Communications Specialist at Georgetown's Center for Children and Families, where she helps to craft and spread information on the latest policy updates for Medicaid and health care for children and families. She’s been featured on Vox, The Kojo Nnamdi Show, and Technical.ly DC, among others, during her time at The Melanin Collective.

Let’s Get to Work


We’re always up for a strategic partnership. Through our educational workshops and trainings, we aim to support women of color as they explore the external and internal forces that might be holding them back, from the workplace and beyond. Partner with us!