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At The Melanin Collective, we believe in the power of the individual to effect change. But sometimes, we have to look big picture to create change that is long-lasting, impactful, and intentional. Through our consulting arm, we work at the organizational level to address the organizational sociology that has created barriers for women of color and people of color. We are working to create a world in which disabilities are normalized, race and gender wage gaps are non-existent, and people of color thrive and live fulfilling lives. Our model is simple: work top down to help eliminate toxic workspaces and, at the individual level, help people of color maneuver toxic workspaces while preventing the long-term trauma that occurs from these experiences.

Ensuring companies’ understanding and practice of racial and cultural competency is growing more important than ever. Cross-cultural and cross-community intelligence is all about finding self-awareness and awareness of others; it is about understanding the consequences of negative stereotypes; it is about tossing “known” methods out the door, in favor of ones that are intersectional and respectful of all backgrounds.

About Lead Trainer, Doris Quintanilla

A major barrier for organizations is finding the right training and the right application to make that competency a reality.

Executive Director, Doris Quintanilla, has developed and conducted evidence-based training and conversations on: building racial equity, understanding dynamics of power and inclusion, assessing white privilege, creating effective responses to workplace bias and discrimination, and living as a person with disabilities.

She prides herself in centering the experiences of people of color into the conversation, working to create a world in which disabilities are normalized, race and gender wage gaps are non-existent, and people of color thrive and live fulfilling lives. By centering the experiences of the most marginalized communities, everyone wins.

Work with us and together, we can create on-site trainings and workshops to address cultural competency, diversity, inclusion, and equity in your organization. Our expertise as women of color in toxic workspaces and living with disabilities is an asset. Allow us to make your organization a healthy workplace for everyone.

I’ve never opened up like this, so that’s why I wanted to thank the both of you for this chance.

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We're excited to work with you to build a more just society online and in our workplaces! Our trainings are customized to your needs, and so is our contracting process. We’re available to work on site or via webinar. For more information, please fill out the interest form below. We'll schedule a free 30-minute phone call to discuss your goals and how we can help.

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The Melanin Collective works on a sliding scale to help accommodate the needs of all organizations, from small non-profits to larger for-profit organizations. If you employ people of color, we are here to help you serve them better.

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