How to Uncover Your Truth: Overcoming Stereotypes and Oppressions

What does the voice inside your head sound like? Is it kind? Is it harsh? Is it even yours?!

 The Melanin Collective seeks to dive into our self-talk and self-worth to uncover ways that we internalize stereotypes and oppressions. Women of marginalized communities are bombarded with ridiculous images, assumptions, and expectations for who we should be or should aspire to be. As a result, we accept the negativity as “truth,” and forget how to embrace our own truths.

 At The Melanin Collective, we are changing that and helping you silence the noise. Learn what it means to #BeSelfish and center yourself so that you can then have enough to give to others. Learn how are you holding yourself back, and how can you become aware of your patterns to become to your true self!

Key Takeaways: 

  • Develop strategies and coping mechanisms for dealing with the negative messages around WOC

  • Create checkpoints for yourself to identify when you are dealing with adversity and/or negative thoughts

  • Identify ways in which you can #beselfish and kind to yourself

  • Create a space to reflect and manifest your dreams

Doris Quintanilla