Building Transformational Relationships Among Women of Color

Different people come with different experiences, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t get along. At The Melanin Collective, we understand how exhausting it can feel to work with people who live with blind spots, who deny their privilege, or who pride themselves on being “colorblind.” Fortunately, we believe that we are stronger in numbers and that while women of color want to do everything on our own, we need others to support our work to help amplify our voices.  

We are not interested in fighting for last place since our liberation is not dependent on others’ oppression.

In this workshop, we will analyze the impact power and privilege have on and in-between our communities of color. We will discuss ways we can show up in our workplaces, in organizing spaces, and at home. Together, we will come up with strategies and solutions to engage people of color inside and outside your ethnic/racial groups in order to build supportive, thriving communities.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Unpack the impact and harmful effects of racism and colorism
  • Examine your own biases, prejudices, and privilege
  • Discern what strategies and solutions you need to engage and motivate people of color
  • Build community in the most stressful of situations and mass division
Doris Quintanilla