#BeSelfish: How to Build a Better Relationship with Yourself

The world can be a hostile place for women of color. We’re constant overachievers, excelling and shattering stereotypes and pipelines designed to “keep us in our place.” And still, we go above-and-beyond through sheer force and sacrifice in everything we do because failure is not an option. Through The Melanin Collective: Women of Color. Standing Together, we will explore why can we do for others what we don't do for ourselves. 

Join us to learn how to build a better relationship with yourself. In order for you to give to others, you must be whole. Let's take a breath, reflect on your self-care, and stop to remind ourselves of who we are, what is our real value, and why we should #BeSelfish!

Key Takeaways:

  • A simple self-care assessment tool to score the relationship you have with yourself
  • Techniques you can use to regain confidence and the knowledge and understanding that you have options, choice, and the ability to determine your future
  • A realistic plan for self-fulfillment that allows you to move past trauma and harmful patterns
  • A resource within #TheMCSquad to help you achieve your goals and thrive
Doris Quintanilla