At The Melanin Collective, we are always up for a strategic partnership. It’s part of our “power in numbers” belief: when communities work together intentionally, not only are we better able to raise awareness around different issues and causes, we’re also working in tandem to create the table where we all have the chance to make our voices heard.

Because, let’s face it, women of color don’t usually get seats at the table, if that table exists for us at all.

Through our educational workshops and trainings, we aim to support women of color as they explore the external and internal forces that might be holding them back, from the workplace and beyond.

Interested? Take a look at some of the ways you can partner with The Melanin Collective.

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Media Partnerships

We are always looking for media partners who believe in our mission to help us carry our message and work to new communities of women of color, while also offering our partners an engaged space within to promote their own ventures.

Education Partnership

As community advocates, we believe that the core of change starts with education. That’s why The Melanin Collective is built off of developing culturally-competent and evidence-based educational working, webinars, and trainings centered around the barriers and challenges women of color face every day.

Partnership Opportunities

Stay tuned for more information on programs and products open for potential partnerships.