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Vox: The big, controversial business of The Wing, explained

The Wing is an interior designer’s Instagram-perfect fantasy. The books on the walls are color-coded. The plants are lush. The bathrooms are stocked with luxury beauty products. On a recent visit to the SoHo location of the women’s club and coworking space, sunlight bathed millennial-pink furniture as, one floor below, construction finished on a childcare center.


Refinery29: 10 Latinas Share What They Wish They'd Known At The Start Of Their Careers

Back in April, we celebrated Equal Pay Day, the day of the year in which women finally caught up to what the average man made the year prior. This past July, we did the same for Black women. Last month, we celebrated that day for Native American women. And today — a full eleven months into this year — marks the day that Latinas have finally caught up, as well. DC: "Doris Quintanilla is here to make sure women of color in tech feel supported"

Women leave the tech industry at a 45 percent higher rate than men, Forbes reported, but entrepreneur and CEO of The Melanin Collective, Doris Quintanilla, told us she’s working to change that. DC: "Calling all women of color in tech: The Melanin Collective is hosting a Twitter chat Sept. 5"

The Melanin Collective, an organization that hosts entrepreneurial and empowerment workshops for women of color, has a monthly Twitter chat, where it discusses a specific topic from the views of working women of color.


Technical.y DC: "The POC Entrepreneurial Bootcamp is putting a focus on building skills and community"

There’s a new resource for people of color building businesses debuting in D.C. this month.Global Eye Entrepreneurs and The Melanin Collective teamed to organize The POC Entrepreneurial Bootcamp. The daylong event is set to be held August 18 at the Inclusive Innovation Incubator.