From the Co-Founder: Kaitlyn Celebrates Good Timing on The MC's First Birthday

I have never been great at timing, except in the punctuality sense. While I always overanalyze what I should say, when I should it, or if I should even say it at all you can always count on me to be fifteen minutes early to things, at least.  

But I wanted to take my time more seriously today in writing this. After over a year of strategizing and building and launching The Melanin Collective, I have decided to take a step back from my role.  

This choice was not easy. For those of you I have met in person or online, and who know where we come from and what we are about, you know that The Melanin Collective is a deeply personal and intimate creation. When Doris and I first sat down together over brunch to ping pong ideas over what this could be, we were fresh out of a horribly abusive non-profit organization. To say that it was the worst place I had ever worked at would be an insane understatement. For me, it was a place of verbal and emotional and mental abuse. A place I needed to escape by signing myself over to the psychiatric ward at George Washington University. A place that humiliated me by tricking me into interviewing my potential replacement. A place that put me on probation for no other reason than to punish me.  

Try as I did to stuff these experiences down into my subconscious and quit, there was something in me telling me to fight back. And it was only a matter of luck and good timing that Doris and I had worked together in that office, that I had met so many other amazing women of color to find support with, and that Doris and I both wanted to create something that could address the challenges we had faced.


This community is undeniably special and I’ll treasure it forever.

All of these emotions came flooding back a few weekends ago when a group of familiar faces and new friends gathered around the table for brunch. As we all went around the room talking about ourselves and how The Melanin Collective came onto our respective radars, it dawned on me just how much The Melanin Collective has drawn women together over the last year. It is really that classic tale of making lemonade out of lemons.  

So, I take a step back from The Melanin Collective knowing just how much it has affected the lives of women we’ve met, of course, but also appreciating how much it has done for me. This community is undeniably special and I’ll treasure it forever.  

Thank you to everyone I’ve met, everyone I’ve worked with, and everyone who has supported us.

The Melanin Collective