Mujerona Monday: Meet Veronica Velasquez


Image description: Photo of Veronica Velasquez posing with The MC “Luchadora” shirt.

What is your power word?


Tell us a little about yourself and why that is your power word.

Obstacles and setbacks happen in life. I believe that if we have passion and love for our goal, persistence is inevitable. My vegan food project has been at times difficult but mostly absolutely rewarding to be able to share plant-based versions of traditional Salvadoran meals that bring a smile to many faces, help madre Tierra and the animals.

I haven’t always considered myself to be powerful or bold. I haven’t always been persistent at reaching my goals; with time, I’ve been able to surround myself with an uplifting community of bad-ass femmes who motivate me be shine, to be proud of my accomplishments, and to be fierce in standing in my truth!

When I started doing DC Vegan Foodie Nights, we had a huge gas fire in front of all my guests! It was the worst-case scenario for any event. I thought I was through and that my customers would see me as a failure. They could have left, requested refunds, I could have given up. I will never forget that night. They stayed, we saved and served most of the food, and our events have only gotten bigger and better each time! Amazing things happen when you are persistent. Things got hot and I stayed in the kitchen!

Do you identify as a woman of color? What does being a woman of color mean to you?

I identify as a woman of color. To me, being a woman of color is courage, strength, beauty, survival, and power.

Why are you a part of The Melanin Collective?

The Melanin Collective has been a life changing community! I’ve learned so much from being a part of this collective from workplace environments, financial and emotional healing and so many resources.

Anything else you want to share with us? 

I love the Melanin Collective!

Veronica Velasquez is the Chef and founder of Vegan Feast by V, where she creates plant-based versions of traditional latinx cuisine. Read more about the work Veronica does on her website or follow her on Instagram at VeganFeastByV just warning, you will get hungry!