Mujerona Monday: Meet Dominque Grisby


Screw it. we’ll do it.

Dominque’s forever motto.

When The MC launched, we were new to the whole internet business thing but quickly found friends and supporters to work with and uplift as we climb. Dominque was one of our first friends from online to IRL and we haven’t parted since. This #MujeronaMonday, we’re celebrating all the greatness that is Dominque!

What is your power word?


Tell us a little about yourself and why that is your power word.

I chose this word because it means I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I’ve never been afraid to ask questions or to dig for more information. As a woman, I’m never comfortable with just accepting little crumbs that people give me just because I’m a black woman. I’m not afraid to voice that I deserve the best and if not more.

Do you identify as a woman of color? What does being a woman of color mean to you?

It means I am a strong black woman.

Why are you a part of The Melanin Collective?

It’s important because as women of color, we all have the same story.

Anything else you want to share with us? 

We should never be afraid to make our voices heard.

Read more about the work Dominque does on her website and do yourself a favor and check out her latest article, “Living Single… The original Sex in the City.