On #LaborDay Brunch, We Took Some Time for Ourselves

We love brunch, and the 0.25 cent mimosas at Cava Mezze are just the start of a great gathering. This Labor Day, we wanted to host a brunch as a way to acknowledge that while we all have busy lives and dynamic schedules that are always changing, we've got to make it a habit to also do something kind to ourselves once and a while. 

In our workshops, we talk about how women of color are always the backbones, providing support for others and leading the charge in the amazing work we do. But why don't we give ourselves the same care and attention that we give to others? Why don't we take time to intentionally recognize the accomplishments we've made, and relish in those accomplishments?

We kicked off this brunch with the usual introductions and also asked our lovely guests to share something they were celebrating in their own lives. From one woman snagging a dream career working with children to another giving three talks at conference, there was so much to celebrate! 

So here's a little exercise for you: every day, think of one thing you want to celebrate about yourself. Maybe it's celebrating that, after a very stressful week, you still have it in you to tackle a new day and new challenges. Or maybe celebrate the fact that you took a walk during your lunch break, rather than eating at your desk. Accomplishments don't need to big these big, grand things. To us, taking time to honor yourself is the biggest accomplishment of all!

If you didn't make it to this brunch, check out some of the pictures below!