It's National Voter Registration Day!

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This November, the power of our votes is more important than ever. We feel constantly and consistently exhausted by all the -- frankly -- bullshit this administration is spewing out, and it’s so easy to get lost in a forever sense of hopelessness. But, we’re not without a path out of the dark! Women of color have stood at the forefront of civic engagement and activism (like our friends at The 94 Percent rightfully remind us!), and one of the ways we can continue holding the torch is by making sure we are registered to vote!

We’ve wrapped up a few resources for you to check out today. And make sure you do -- it’s go time, women!

  1. Make sure you’re registered to vote in your state!

  2. There are so many issues to vote on this November. From health care access to immigration rights and keeping public safety nets open for all and DACA -- these are issues that impact women of color. See where we stand.

  3. We love these surprising statistics about voting in the United States. Take a look and share!

  4. Need some messaging inspiration to send out? Check out this communications toolkit.

Doris Quintanilla