The MC's List of 5 Creatives of Color We Adore

You might not know it, but Doris and I are pretty crafty people. From making absolutely beautiful, sparkling posters to dabbling with doodles in our coloring book, tapping into our creative sides is just another way that we take care of ourselves! But we’re just part-time crafters – there’s a whole, ginormous world of whimsical, inspiring, and gorgeous art out there that’s made by people of color every day! Whenever I get some free time during the working hours, sometimes I’ll just take a quick gander through Twitter to discover creatives of color who are sharing their works online. And I’ve found SO many people of color artists to support!

On this blog, I’ll share a few of my favorite creatives of color that I’ve found. From tote bags to hand-made embroidery, there is just so much to love on! Trigger warning, though: you might want to have your wallet at the ready.


Leila Abdelrazaq

From her website: Leila is a Detroit-based Palestinian author and artist. Her debut graphic novel, Baddawi (Just World Books 2015) was shortlisted for the 2015 Palestine Book Awards and has been translated into three languages. She is also the author and Illustrator of The Opening (Tosh Fesh, 2017) as well as a number of zines and short comics.

Check these out, ASAP: The Opening, a book about loss, absence, memory, imagination, religion, diaspora, and return

Angry Little Girls

From her website: Angry Little Girls is a comic strip about girls who are angry, disenchanted, crazy, fresh and gloomy. And it all began in 1994 when the creator of the comic strip, Lela Lee used crayola markers to draw her first character the "Angry Little Asian Girl" for a video class.

Check these out, ASAP: The witty “I Hate People” fleece sweatshirt! I’m thinking about taking this one to the gym with me.


From their website: My name is Mara, a non-binary Filipinx-Latinx artist and child of immigrants. I'm a housebound and chronically mentally ill person who likes to draw and read tarot cards. I use art as a means of assisting in my recovery, connecting with my heritage and the world at large, and hopefully eventually as a means of supporting myself.

Check these out, ASAP: Mara’s Instagram! While I’m not sure if they sell their beautiful illustrations, you should at least follow them on Instagram for a daily dose of utter magic!

Amina Ahmad

From her website: Amina (Ah-min-uh) Ahmad is an artist, maker, yoga teacher, and creative strategist living and playing in/around the District of Columbia. In addition to being passionate about the art of making, she also loves working to elevate her creative community.

Check these out, ASAP: Her lavender plant watercolor illustration that, for someone with a very sad lavender plant, gives me hope that growth (for myself and my plant) is possible!

The Other Cat

From her website: I’m Nichole, creator and founder of The Other Cat. I’m at peace whenever I'm building, painting, embroidering, crafting, or drawing. It’s my opportunity for meditation, my stress relief, my happy place, and I’m excited to share it all with you!

Check these out, ASAP: This hand-embroidered, hand-painted inspirational poetry piece – how good would that look sitting on your desk or night table?

The Melanin Collective