Mujerona Monday: Meet LeAndria Streeter


This week, I talked to my amazing friend, LeAndria, to learn more about what being a trailblazer means to her and why spaces like The Melanin Collective are crucial to personal and professional growth. 

Why is "trailblazer" your word?

I have overcome significant challenges to achieve my success as a technology consultant. I have pursued and achieved goals that once seemed completely out of reach. All along the way, I've share my stories and lessons learned. I believe in blazing trails so that others can follow the path and achieve even bigger dreams. In my professional community, we've adopted the moniker "Trailblazer," and it's an identity that I fully embrace. 

Why are you a part of The Melanin Collective?

I am a part of The Melanin Collective because I need The Melanin Collective. The MC works to help women of color restore health and balance into their lives. The MC encourages us to heal and seek a beautiful existence, in our personal and professional lives, that reflects our values. Like several women, I actively work to undo the negative messages about women and POC that society has imbued. The MC provides a safe, beautiful space for me to love and embrace myself.

Anything else you want to share with us? 

One of my favorite aspects of The MC is the embracing of spiritual and cultural heritage. The MC reminds me to reconnect to the wisdom in my heart, body, and spirit! 

Doris Quintanilla