Mujerona Monday: Meet Marcela Gutierrez


Meet Marcela Gutierrez, my amazing friend and inspiration for this mujerona poderosa. Marcela has been fighting a rare, aggressive tumor for the past two years, but she hasn't given up -- she won't give up and is determined to live her life on her terms. Whenever I talk to her, I'm just in awe of her attitude and commitment to being her true self. Here's a little more from Marcela...

Why did you choose warrior as your power word?

Long story short: my name is Marcela, and I am currently on a rollercoaster journey. I have been confronted by a rare, aggressive-growing tumor that has been testing my survival skills for almost 2 years now. But as a true WARRIOR, I continue to prove to myself and the world that I am here to stay on my terms — and I will not allow the cancer to define my time here on Mother Earth or withhold any power over the soul of my happiness.

Fortunately I get to indulge in a deep comfort of love and trust from the most amazing support team: my boyfriend, family, true friends, and medical staff. While it's impossible for any fighter to take on such intense conflict alone, I have transitioned into a fearless one, not always concerned about winning -- but just succeeding at living every single day MY WAY with my loved ones. The warrior within me is happy and that gives me the power to always remain strong. 

Why are you a part of The Melanin Collective? Why do you think The MC is needed?

My vision of my self es una guerrera hermosa, a beautiful warrior. I didn’t get here alone and I never forget to acknowledge those who have helped guide me through life's wide range of lessons. While there have been some very personal moments from my past where I was lost and questioning my self-worth on so many levels, my fellow guerreras hermosas helped guide me and give me comfort when I felt alone.

Communities like The Melanin Collective gave me trusted outside resources to aid my journey, but I also knew I wouldn't be judged for any final decisions. Without a doubt at that time I just needed a safe feeling place as in what The MC represents today. 

Anything else you would like to share?

Yes! Today I am facing even a greater battle: cancer. But it's not my final one. It doesn't define me -- this fearless warrior is still here living and loving life unconditionally. Just look at my smile, I'm happy. Period! 


Doris Quintanilla