5 Things to Read on Women of Color Health Disparities


Black Maternal Health Week has come and gone -- but that doesn’t mean the disparities have ended for women of color. Throughout history, women of color have faced wide reaching health disparities that are caused by the lack of access to high-quality and affordable health care and health insurance. And, we can’t forget, a pretty understandable mistrust of providers; just ask Serena Williams.

Here at The Melanin Collective, we recognize that women of color have to navigate many, many different layers of oppression that bombard us from different angles, and health is one of those essential layers. Because when women of color are unhealthy, they’re less able to live their most fulfilling and liberating lives.

To acknowledge the work still needing to be done, here are five really great articles about women of color and the health disparities they face.

Black Women’s Health Matters, But You Wouldn’t Know It in the U.S. - Vice Impact

Maternal Mortality and the Devaluation of Black Motherhood - Center for American Progress

For Women of Color, Access to Vital Health Services Is Threatened - Guttmacher

Nothing Protects Black Women From Dying in Pregnancy and Childbirth - ProPublica

The Quality Of Health Care You Receive Likely Depends On Your Skin Color - Huffington Post