Here's What You Missed at Breaking Bread Dinners: an Engaging Conversation

Wow – after months of planning and meticulously going over every little detail, our first-ever Breaking Bread Dinners: an engaging conversation gathering went off without a hitch in sight! If you hadn’t heard, we started off this five-part series with an intimate and open discussion about how to navigate workplace hostility and trauma as women of color. We were nourished – in our stomachs (by the out-of-this-world Chef Veronica Velasquez) and in our hearts (by the inspiring HR Generalist Kimberly Bozeman and licensed clinical psychologist Georica Gholson). And the killer vibes at The Apollo Apartments didn’t hurt, either. Snow and sleet be damned – we had a magical time.

If you were able to drop by, thank you for taking a leap of faith with us! If you weren’t able to come around the table, you still have four more opportunities.

Personally, I resonated the most with the idea that acceptance of toxic experiences is a good thing. If you can hold the negative experiences out in the palm of your hand, accept it for what it is, and let it move through you like a cloud rather than let it control you, you will feel so much more at ease.

Here are a few more other tidbits I really loved.

“If you don’t vouch for yourself, no one will.” – Kimberly Bozeman, talking about standing up for yourself in toxic spaces

Pro Tips from Kimberly Bozeman:

  1. Reading your employee handbook is crucial! This is your "how to" guide that establishes important policies and procedures that are expected in the workplace and it protects the rights of employees. 

  2. Create folders in your inbox where you can easily house your accomplishments and accolades. No accomplishment is too small to add. This folder can be viewed when you need motivation on a bad day or for the purposes of documentation or "receipts". 

  3. Vouch for yourself! You owe it to yourself to ask for that promotion or that raise. Once you acknowledge your worth, make it known to others and go after what is due to you. 

“Not everyone’s missions are going to be a perfect match. When you’re in a job, think about what you value, what is non-negotiable, and what you are willing to negotiate.” – Georica Gholson, talking about how to deal when an organization’s values aren’t syncing with your own.