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Decolonize Sex: Find Healing with Art Therapy

  • Washington United States (map)

The ways women of color understand and embrace our gender, sex, and sexuality can be a challenging and sometimes arduous process. As we navigate these intimate issues, taking the time to reflect on our lived and inherited experiences can help us heal and, ultimately, gain bodily and spiritual empowerment. 

This workshop will be an art therapy session designed to encourage a healthy exploration of our mental and emotional states. Through conversation and facilitated artistic exercises, this creative, non-confrontational approach to self-analysis will illuminate the conscious and subconscious nuances of our relationship with our bodies, sexuality, sensuality, and sex.

Learning Outcomes:

In this in-person art therapy session, we’ll

  1. Examine our emotions connected to our personal perceptions and experiences of sex

  2. Learn the basics of what art therapy is an how it can be used as a tool for our personal self-empowerment

  3. Find community in our shared lived experiences and a sense of belonging and confidence in your skin

This workshop centers the experiences of women of color. Have questions? Check out our FAQ’s.

Ticket includes workshop materials, mimosa, and light snacks.

Decolonize Sex: Find Healing with Art Therapy
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Meet the Presenters

Sarita Headshot.jpeg

Sarita Kvam

Sarita Kvam is a multicultural teacher, activist and visual artist educated and trained at Barnard College, Columbia University and The Student’s Art League of New York. Though Sarita currently resides in Washington DC, she has also lived in Bangladesh, India and Mexico. At Columbia University, Sarita gained a bachelor's degree in anthropology and environmental science. She has a combined six years of experience teaching visual arts in Washington DC, New York City and Mexico City, Mexico. As an activist and artist, Sarita has worked with feminist, non-governmental organizations, including Semillas, and most recently with The Azadi Project in the capacity of art therapist for African refugees. Sarita has exhibited her artwork in Washington DC, New York and Mexico City. She is passionate about art activism and was featured on Gender At Work's podcast to discuss art and empowerment. Check out her website here to see her work.

DQ_Feb 18 (3).jpg

Doris Quintanilla

Executive Director, Co-Founder, The Melanin Collective

Special Guest